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And you're looking at the face of an ex workaholic and shopping addict, a girl who used to have no interests other than listening to the next hit song or figuring out where next to shop, a girl whose life revolved around the next paycheck and what she could buy with it. And since I'm being so honest, a girl who was so boring and shallow (did I say boring?) that I would die if I had to hang out with her now.

Good thing she's long gone.

You see, somewhere around 10 years ago I became sick of the person I had become and the life I had made for myself and I radically shifted directions. You've heard the story before I'm sure- girl gets fed-up, bucks society, quits shaving her armpits (and legs), turns her beautiful hair into coarse dreadlocks, gets a Saint Bernard, buys a Ukulele, and travels the country in a VW Golf.

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Well, maybe you haven’t heard quite that story before. But the core of it isn't unusual because deep inside us all there's that same wild soul dying to be free. We all just differ on how we choose to express it.

Anyhow, that was then, and this is now, and a lot has happened in between. I moved across the country, lost my brother, lost my Saint, lost the dreadlocks, took up shaving, started dating my massage client Chris (funny story), and became a mom, among a few other notable things. But what has stayed the same is my quest for simplicity, and beyond that for deep satisfaction and real, daily magic. To me, a simple life is only as good as the fun and laughter you can fill it with.

And that’s why I’m here, because I know how precious simplicity and laughter are and I don’t see families having enough of either one. I want to change that. I want moms to love motherhood, dads to love fatherhood, and kids to have beautiful and magical childhoods. I want to help you simplify your life so that you can have the time and space to celebrate it, because life (especially with kids) deserves celebrating. And I’m not talking about themed birthday parties or elaborate get-togethers, but the everyday kind of celebrations like building forts in the living room, cupcake baking, pizza parties, Friday night dance parties, impromptu adventures, cooking dinner together, evening walks, and family read-alouds. That kind of special: the simple kind.

So I hope you’ll stick around for a while, because I have some things I’d like to share. And just like a good friend, I’ll tell you all I know :)

For a wee bit about me:

For the long form, go here. For the nutshell, keep reading:

I’m a dedicated mother and homemaker, a Buddhist-inspired nature-lover, and a Minimalist to the core (does a large book collections count against that?). I adore baths and naps and floor-sitting and mochas and books (did I already mention those?) and chocolate anything. I have 3 cats named Oscar, Leah, and Roshi.



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