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And I believe it’s time for a revolution-one that starts at home and is fought with cupcakes, forts, laughter, things made by hand, slow days, long walks, and seasonal rhythms. 

Because home is the most important place in all the world, and it’s where I believe we come alive as mothers when we let ourselves fall in love with it. I mean really fall in love with all of it.

Sound swoony?

Let me explain. Before becoming a mom, I spent a decade as a massage therapist working on thousands of women, most of whom were moms themselves. I massaged their tight shoulders and listened to their stories about being stressed, overworked, stretched thin, battling mom-guilt and pudgy stomachs and clutter and crumbling marriages, and too many lackluster days. 

And I was like no way jose. That can’t possibly be right. There’s got to be a better way.

So over the years I became a little obsessed with finding out what that way might be, and once I had a little one of my own I was able to put my theories to the test and do a little expirementing. While I'm just a very ordinary woman doing very ordinary things, the simple steps I’ve taken have produced some pretty incredible, blissful, and dare I say, magical results. I dare.

You see, here’s what I’ve learned: the problem with modern motherhood isn’t motherhood in itself. That’s not it at all. The problem is the way we craft lives that are so radically at odds with what we truly want.

We want to cuddle our babies to sleep, feel a sense of deep purpose, bliss out on watching our children grow, be in love with our partners, and create sanctuaries that nurture and hold our dear, sweet families.

But instead we stuff our schedules to the brim, live in big homes that are bursting with things, hurry-hurry all over the place, waste time on social media and mindless shopping, and drift further and further from the people we love. We lose the whole point of why we even wanted a family in the first place.

That’s the problem.

And the solution is that little revolution I mentioned earlier.

We need to strip life down to the elemental basics, simplify like crazy, toss aside societal expectations, and let the raw, uncomplicated beauty of life shine through.

We need to bake some cupcakes. Chocolate ones, to be exact. Preferably eaten in that fort in the living room.

So I hope you’ll stick around for a while because I have so much to share.

And just like a dear friend, I’ll tell you all I know :)

For a wee bit about me:

For the long form, go here. For the nutshell, keep reading:

I’m a dedicated mother and homemaker, a Buddhist-inspired nature-lover, and a Minimalist to the core (does a large book collections count against that?). I adore baths and naps and floor-sitting and mochas and books (did I already mention those?) and chocolate anything. My partner and I are remodeling an old travel trailer for full-time living and it’s my dream come true (really, it is). I have 3 cats named Oscar, Leah, and Roshi.

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