craft your home (a book list)

craft your home (a book list)

Home is my favorite place in the world to be. While I love adventures and exploring and discovering to no end, all of that is only good as long as there’s a cozy home in the world waiting for my return. One summer I tested this out by traveling all over the country with no physical home waiting for me, and even though I loved almost every bit of it, I felt like a boat lost out at sea. Travelling is way better when you have an anchor to ground you.

Oh, home, how I love thee. Isn’t it just the best though? The very best place in the world to build forts, with a kitchen close by for baking and cooking and eating, and then a cozy bed for when the fort gets tiresome (which is never). And then there are all the things to create and craft that make your house a home. It’s basically a blank canvas for endless self-expression.

But it’s so much more than that. It’s the place that cradles my family, the place where they can relax, the place that should rejuvenate and nourish them. It’s an old-fashioned idea, but for me, this position of being a mother comes with the responsibility and honor of creating such a place for them, so I’m basically a really cool architect. I’m totally down.

Because I love home, and because I love books, it should be no surprise that I love books about home, especially when they’re about making a cozy and sweet one. I have a few that I dearly love and I want to share with you. I do have a few little suggestions for you before you get started, and they are to clear your clutter, minimize, organize, and clean. Did I say little suggestions? I meant huge.

Once you have a clean and clear space and you can think, open up a few of these books and see what inspires you to get crafty. There will probably be a lot of things, and then those things will get your mind working and you’ll think of other stuff and then this whole snowball effect will happen until you actually become the dictionary definition of homemaker.

Really though, a homemade home is the very best, the coziest, and the absolute sweetest thing in the whole wide world. It’s your own little nest away from the noise and hustle of the world. Make it special.

This one isn’t all handmade craft kinds of things. It’s also got some recipes and diy cleaning supplies and other things to do around your home, and is divided into seasons which I really love. 

I’m pretty sure this was my first ever home-craft book, but for sure the one that inspired me to get crafty homestyle. The projects are super homey and definitely will give you that sweet homemade look. I love the author Amanda Soule and have followed her blog forever, and if you happen to like this book then I’m pretty sure you’ll like her other two, so check them out on Amazon.

I came across this book last year and fell in love with the simplicity and beauty of every single project. It’s just about perfection, with simple but beautiful crafts that don’t require any advanced skills. 

This is a good how-to book for minimizing with a family which is totally different than doing the same thing when you’re a single gal. This is a really good companion to Simplicity Parenting by the way.

I love this book so. As much as I love a neutral color pallet, I must admit it will never be for me. I’m a color fanatic. The entire thing will make you want to raid the craft store and paint your house red. Or blue. Or yellow. Or orange. Or all of them at once.

I follow this lady on Insta and she is the number one reason my home is as clean as it is. I hate cleaning, but she has an awesome method that makes it less painful. She’s also how I found out about the amazing home disinfecting properties of hydrogen peroxide, which is now about all I use for a full house cleaner.  

What about you, friend? Have any book or people recommendations for me? Share them below if you do :)

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