exploring the world through sound

exploring the world through sound

I love sound, but I've always leaned more towards talking from podcasts and NPR than music. Weird but true. I've definitely had favorite bands that I loved to see live, but it just never permeated the rest of my life like I saw it do in the people around me.

Nevertheless, I know how important music is to human development. I'm in the middle of reading Proust and the Squid and have learned that while writing and reading is a learned behavior, music and sound is part of the hardwiring of our brain from the beginning. It's innately important to us.

I bet you know this, but I didn't. And even with all I've heard and read, it wasn't until I noticed the tagline on Meg McElwee's Instagram account which reads: "Mother is a verb. I fill our senses with nature, movement, art, good books, music, and sweet human connection." And then I got it. It's as important to engage R's sense of musical sound as it is to engage her senses out in nature or through movement or anything else.

Since then I've sought out interesting music to play throughout our days. I can't do the kid music thing...I really did try. I realized that I feel the same way about music for kids as I do about food: it needs to be real and whole, which usually means it's not labeled for kids. I'm all for a childhood that doesn't grate the senses.

So here's the current list of artists we’re listening to. I hope you have some fun with them….oh the faces kids make when they hear sounds for the first time….I love it so much <3

I would LOVE to know what you've got to add to the list. Tell me who I should add in the comments below :)

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