start small and make a doll

start small and make a doll

As a mother and homemaker, creating things that my family will use and love has become really important to me. While I’m not against store-bought things, the love and care that’s woven into the handmade just can't be found in mass-produced products, and in an age of gluttony and disposables, I want my home and family to reflect a slower and more meaningful way of life.

Besides wanting to create for the sake of making things for my family, the act of creating in itself is a necessary form of self-expression for me. While I might be making something that will serve a practical purpose, it feels so fun and almost therapeutic to get creative and make it beautiful as well. When I create, life comes alive and seems to sparkle.

If you’ve never made anything by hand before, the idea alone can be pretty intimidating, but in practice, it’s no big deal. You just have to start small. Years ago, I started out my crafting journey by making little felt monsters and then progressed to a cat stuffy, and then a simple shirt, and on and on until now I can make a lot of things. But I have a secret to tell you because I’m far from being a pro. I still can’t do much more than make a basic stitch.

The awesome thing is that to make things for your family, you really don’t need to know a whole lot more than that. Get good at that one thing, and you’ll be able to make quilts, clothing, stuffies, dolls, and so much more. There’s still a ton I don’t know how to do- I don’t know how to do sleeves and I’ve never made a pair of pants, but for what I want to make it doesn’t matter.


The truth is this: if you can make a stitch, you can make amazing things for your family. It’s that simple. It’s the kind of the same as reading, because when someone learns to do that they start by learning letters, and then string them together to form words, and then string words string together to form sentences, and then sentences to form paragraphs, and then paragraphs to form books. Same thing. Stitches string together and eventually make something substantial.

When I think of a good beginner’s project that results in something really cool, I think of this book. I came across it at the library a while back and immediately went home and made the doll and her dress. Since then, I’ve made many different versions, some boys, some girls. The pattern has endless variations you can create, and when you’re sitting there with the finished product in your hand, you’re going to feel so stinkin’ proud of yourself. I still feel this way every time I make one of them and I’ve made a bunch. They’re just so cool.

Once you've made a few of these you're going to feel like a pro, so then move on to something else, and then something else, and before you know it you'll have the sweetest handmade home, which in my opinion is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our families.

Have fun, start small, and make this doll :)

If you make one of these, let me know in the comments below!

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