the best online resources for moms

the best online resources for moms

I was going to write a long introduction for this post, but on second-thought I realized that it’s just not necessary. Each one of these ladies has helped me stock my mama-wisdom and inspiration arsenal tremendously, and I can’t think of anything better than for you to dive right into their websites and start learning from them yourself. I’ll cut it short so you can go ahead and do that.

Enjoy :) :) :) :)

For the yummiest and healthiest homemade baby and toddler recipes:

- Baby FoodE

(I adore these simple puree recipes)

(And I love these finger food ideas for a baby)

For creative food recipes for kiddos (a lot are allergy-friendly):

-Fork and Beans

(This recipe is amazing)

(And this one’s just plain cool)

For the most brilliant, allergy-friendly recipes on the planet:

-The Vegan 8

(I’ve made this fudge one-billion times)

(And I make a batch of this every single week)

For the very best arts and crafts projects ever:


(I’ve bookmarked this one for when R’s a little bit older)

(This diy is one of my favorite ever)

For the best cleaning routine you’ll actually stick to:

- Clean Mama

(This routine has been a game-changer)

(This post is mind-blowing)

For natural health + wellness for your family:

- The Wellness Mama

(I love this post on BPA-free sappy cups)

(And this one is just brilliant)

For natural remedies, recipes, days, and advice for a healthy family:

- Mommypotamus

(I love that she wrote a whole post on my favorite herb)

(And I love this article about healing injuries)

For great holistic fertility advice and wisdom:

-Natural Fertility Info

(I referenced this post all the time after my miscarriage)

(And this one too)

For really awesome natural pregnancy, breastfeeding, and gentle parenting wisdom:

- Mama Natural

(I read this post when I needed to induce my labor…and it worked)

(I used this advice after my c-section)

For research-based, trustworthy breastfeeding info:

- KellyMom

(I used this post as a reference when R was newborn)

(And I referenced this one when I had to have surgery when R was 5 months)

For all-things Montessori:

- The Kavanaugh Report

(This post has influenced how I’ve set up R’s play space)

(I love these little bottles and have made a few for R)

For a pelvic floor rehab program you can download:

- Hab-It

(This is the video I used while pregnant and it’s great)

For ah-mazing yoga videos you can stream on youtube:

- Fightmaster Yoga

(I’ve done this Ashtanga video ten million times)

(And this one when I’ve been short on time)

For inspiration and actionable tips on how to get yourself and your family moving more: (my guru)

- Katy Bowman

(I love this post on movement with little kids)

(And this one on having a natural birth)

(And this awesome interview with Katy on Motherly)

Is there anyone you think I should add to this list? Tell me in the comments below :)

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