the luxury of less (2 lovely videos to inspire simplicity)

the luxury of less (and 2 videos to inspire simplicity)

Living a simple life isn't always so simple, especially when you're 1st starting out. There’s a lot we have to unlearn in the beginning, and it can be a slow and tiring process. The thing that has surprised me the most over my decades-long journey towards simplicity is the fact that it’s more a mental process than anything else.

I became a minimalist with material belongings a long, long time ago, but it wasn’t until recently that my mind finally caught up. What I mean to say is that while I lived in simple surroundings for years, my brain was still lurching this way and that to fill the void. I still had that consumer mindset. I still was always on the lookout for the next big thing that would make me happy.

And I’m still that way to an extent, but in a much different way. Somewhere along the way a change happened. I began seeing open-ended, slow days as just that: open-ended, slow days. Not something I had to fill with carefully planned adventures or picture-perfect vacations. I didn’t feel the need to arrange and curate my life anymore, and it was lovely.

In Buddhism, there’s this idea allowing rather than forcing. That’s what minimalism and simplicity have come to mean to me. It’s clearing space and then seeing what naturally fills the void. It’s pausing before I jump to find the answer, or buy the toy, or offer advice. It’s finding value in the space itself, and understanding that it doesn’t always have to be filled at all.

I want to share 2 videos with you that have meant so much to me. The first one I watched 7 or 8 years ago, and for some reason, her cobbled-together shipping container home with a white bed and a tea collection made a big impact on me. It reframed the way I thought of luxury. She obviously doesn’t have a lot of money but her lifestyle looks so relaxed and free that it doesn’t even matter.

This second video is a dream. It’s definitely the most beautiful tiny home I’ve ever seen, and the most simple. They don’t have electricity and they cook with 1 pot, but when I think of luxurious living, I think of this home: the clean lines of the architecture, the books, the candles, the sunlight coming through the windows, the woods, the front porch. It’s simply stunning.

Gosh, I hope you love these videos as much as I do. Both of these ladies challenged my views on what simple and luxurious living means, and I hope they do the same for you, because when life is pared down to the basics, the little things can shine through so brightly.

If you have a video to add on simple living, I would love to see it. Link to it in the comment below :)

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