the luxury of less (2 lovely videos to inspire simplicity)

the luxury of less

Living a simple life isn't always so simple, especially when you're 1st starting out. It's a slow, sometimes tiring, and often lonely journey. It's entirely counterculture. Some people would say it's strange. So while I've been dedicated to living this way for a decade, I still need a sweet reminder of why I do what I do once in a while.

I'm sure you do too. We all do. We need something to pop up out of the blue with streamers and balloons and renew our passion. Well, here you go. Two of those things. Two videos that reframe what it means to live a life of luxury.

Years ago when I came across them, they challenged my own views. I’ve never been drawn to the conventional idea of wealth anyhow, but I’d never witnessed people living quite so richly with so little.

This is the first one I stumbled across 7 years ago. This lady is so cool. She'll never know how much she's impacted me. Her white bed, collection of teas, big windows looking out onto sagebrush, the dedication to her daughter over material gains, the simplicity of her life. When I watched this clip, I viscerally understood the luxury of simplicity. The luxury of less.

This next one is a GEM. I've watched it dozens of times. This couple has created a true luxury in the form of the tiniest house in the middle of the woods, with a beautiful book collection. And they cook with one pot! You can’t possibly get more simple, yet more rich, than the way these 2 people live.

I deeply hope you get as much out of these 2 videos as I have. I hope they challenge you to think differently about what simple living looks like. When life is pared down to the basics it allows for the little things to shine brilliantly. Less can be so much more than more can ever be.

If you have a video to add on simple living, I would love to see it. Link to it in the comment below :)

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