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A Monday tradition where I share what I’m making, reading, learning about, listening to, and exploring this week.

  • I bet by now you've heard all about Elon Musk's Neuralink technology that he says will be functioning in a year or two. It was wigging me out for a few days, and every time I looked at R I felt sad that this is going to be the state of our world soon. But after I listened to Musk's own words about it, I feel much better. I think it just might be a good option for the coming AI problem.

  • I've been fascinated by the Bisbee stairs, albeit from a distance. I haven't been that far south yet. It's an old mining town in Arizona that was built at the intersection of 2 watersheds and therefore is composed of many slopes. Thus the stairs, and there are so many of them all over the place that a guide book has even been written about them. This is the post that turned me on to Bisbee a few years ago.

  • Last week I mentioned that I might make Hokkaido Milk Bread, which I didn't. Procrastination won. Anyhow, this week I'm setting my sights on something even cool: Leopard Milk Bread. I mean seriously, check this out.

  • I have a thing for living room forts. I really, really love them, and this is a very excellent post that will be having you build a fort like you're an architect.

  • So, we know bath bombs are a thing but have you ever heard of shower bombs? Me neither. Now we do. Let's make them.

  • Here's what's on my playlists: Medicine Stories Podcast: Grieving the Spirits of the Land with Mariee Sioux; Living Homegrown: Make Healing Herbal Infusions; 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms: How to be the Mom you are- Instead of the Mom you Think you Should be; Sage Parenting: Adventure with Robyn Robertson; Crazy/Genius: Should we be Afraid of AI in the Justice System?; Tara Brach: Desire: A Current of Homecoming; The Parenting Junkie: Entrepreneurship, Unschooling, & More with Kim Constable; On Being: Integrating our Souls, Systems, and Society.

  • If you want a fascinating read on the art of roasting, then here you go.

  • This is weird, but I think I’m about to read another book about war. This is weird because I just finished one about World War 2 and I don’t even like the subject matter. But this book called Three Came Home is really intriguing- partly because the cover is ornate but doesn’t suggest what the book is about, partly because it was written in 1947, and partly because this is the forward:

“I have written this book for three reasons: For horror of war. I want others to shudder with me at it. For affection for my husband. When war nearly killed me, knowledge of our love kept me alive. And for a reminder to my son. I fought one war for him in prison camp. He survives because of me. He belongs now to peace. I remind him that it is better to give more and to have less- and to keep the peace- than to fight.

The Japanese in this book are as was made them, not as God did, and the same is true for the rest of us. We are not pleasant people here, for the story of war is always the story of hate; it makes no difference with whom one fights. The hate destroys you spiritually as the fighting destroys you bodily. If there are tears shed here, they are for the death of good feeling. If there is horror, it is for those who speak indifferently of “the next war.” If there is hate, it is for the hateful qualities, not nations. If there is love, it is because this alone kept me alive and sane.”

Holy cow, what an intro. I can’t wait to read this book.

Okay, now you tell me what your week looks like in the comments below, because the whole point behind this new series is so we can inspire each other to grow and learn and do, so share away :)

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