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A Monday tradition where I share what I’m making, reading, learning about, listening to, and exploring this week.

Everything has been turned upside down and sleep is hard to come by while R's eye-teeth are taking their time popping through her gums. It's been tough for both of us, and I had a mini-breakdown the other day because I've never been my best self without proper sleep. Ironically, I turn into a baby myself. I can't cope.

So we've been taking a lot of drives with no destination, just because staying inside and trying to make naps happen is madness. This teething thing is by far the hardest thing R and I have encountered, and neither of us know quite what to do. But these mesh feeders do help when I stuff them full of ice cubes. They're probably the only thing that helps.

I did manage to read an entire book in 2 days last week, which I haven't been able to do since before R was born. I found a worn copy of The Sky Unwashed at (where else?) a thrift store, and once I read a few pages I just couldn't stop. It's about the Chernobyl disaster which I knew nothing about beforehand. It's one of those rare books that leaves a mark after you read it, and I found myself having to take some breaks to process the impact of the story. Definitely one of my favorite works of fiction ever.

And on a lighter note, archaeologists discovered a "sorcerer's treasure trove" in Pompeii, which you can read about here.

Have you ever eaten those mashed potato bowls from KFC? The ones layered with fried chicken and cheese and corn and potatoes, and then smothered in brown gravy? Of god, so good and so comforting, and so doable at home with this recipe here.

But if you're craving a more healthy kind of comfort food, then this peanut stew is what you want. It's a take on the traditional African version.

If you're in the mood for some DIY's this week, then take a look at these leaf-shaped wired earrings and this adorable moon-shaped bassinet for a doll.

I rarely come across a decorating style that makes me swoon, but this lady's home does it for me. The colors! The space! The textures! Love it all.

I've been itching to make an elaborate, layered cake lately, but I'm just so tired from all the teething. I'm making these instead.

This week I'm reading a really cool book called How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm: And other Adventures in Parenting (from Argentina to Tanzania and Everywhere in Between).

And here's what on my playlist: Wild + Free (Laying the Feast); Raising Primates (Can Children Learn without us Hovering?); The Simplicity Parenting Podcast (Just let them be Okay); Simplicity Parenting Podcast (De-escalating through Humor); Simple Family's Podcast (Selfish vs. Selfless Parenthood); Living Homegrown (The Magic of Vintage Garden Books and Cookbooks); and Living Homegrown (Long Term Food Storage for Emergencies).

Okay, now you tell me what your week looks like in the comments below, because the whole point behind this new series is so we can inspire each other to grow and learn and do, so share away :)

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