weather report #1

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A new Monday tradition where I share what I’m making, reading, thinking about, listening to, and exploring this week.

What I’m working on:

This Stasia dress by Sew Liberated using stretchy thread for the very first time, this Montessori balance beam, and this Montessori object permanence box DIY.

What I’m reading:

Eat the City, “A tale of the fishers, foragers, butchers, farmers, poultry minders, sugar refiners, cane cutters, beekeepers, winemakers, and brewers who built New York.”

A new recipe I’m trying:

We’re going on a picnic tomorrow evening, and I’m bringing these Chicken Souvlaki bowls instead of making traditional chips and sandwiches.

What’s on my mind:

Self-sufficiency. It’s almost all I can think about right now. Is minimalist homesteading a thing? What are the basic vegetables I want to grow? I want to bring the Gentleman Farmer back around-where did he go? A little weeding, a lot of reading, a few sips of wine, a homemade meal, a long bath.

What’s on my playlist:

99% Invisible (The Anthropocene Reviewed), Making Sense (Rise & Fall), Move Your DNA (Social Media is Shaping Your Relationships), Living Homegrown (Using the KonMarie Method in Homesteading), The History of Byzantium (An Introduction to Byzantine History), & On Being (Growing up Men).

Things I’m struggling with:

My body. It’s not the same as it was before I gave birth. I was pregnant, went through active labor, had a C-section, and then a gallbladder removal a few months later. 9 months postpartum, I have aches I never felt before. This is interesting to me as a massage therapist because I’m experiencing firsthand how the body tries to put itself back together again after trauma.

Things I’m loving:

This 9-month old baby stage. R is scooting around, pulling herself up, tipping over like a weeble-wobble, waking up with giggles and squeals at 6am, and smiling nonstop at the world. I’ve also rekindled my love of canned coconut milk in my morning mochas.

Something new I’ve learned:

The South has the only system of folk medicine besides that of the Native Americans in America. I had no idea. Also…the Sumerians have a very interesting creation story I’ve been reading a lot about, and it’s crazy.

Now you tell me what your week looks like in the comments below, because the whole reason behind this new series is so we can inspire each other to grow and learn and do :)

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